Skye's Haven
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"Wrapped in Warmth"
© Lee Bogle

The Great Spirit is in all things,
He is in the air we breathe.
The Great Spirit is our Father,
but the Earth is our Mother.
She nourishes us,
that which we put into the ground
She returns to us.

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My Daily Inspiration

 The Woman Who Inspires Me

Mother1.gif image by CheroSkyPhotobucket

My main source of inspiration came from my Mother who recen passed in  April of 2008. She was a phenomenal woman, my best friend, and truly a wonderful blessing and gift to me as a Mother. She instilled all her love, values, wisdom, her inner beauty, strength, perseverance, and courage, allowing me to walk the path I know best. She kept me centered and in balance with my spirit, and her beautiful spirit will always be carried within me. Her love was always unconditional, and I will miss her presence in my daily walk in life for she kept me grounded here on Mother Earth.

There's so many ways in which to say
how much you're loved with each passing day
You're mother, sister, and my best friend
you're there when needed, time and time again
You've shared my life for so many years
through much happiness, and yes, a few tears
You're a beautiful woman and there's no doubt
a wonderful Mother who I couldn't live without
May God bless you and keep you
with a smile on your face
May He reach down and touch you
with all His love and grace.

I Love You Pretty Lady
and I Miss You


Body Language

Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958 ~ June 25, 2009
It is still hard to believe that MJ is gone, and I keep praying that someone will come along and say it was a mistake. His energy was, and still is, ever so powerful, for he was bigger than life in the music industry. We will miss you Michael, your vibrancy, your spirit, and your musical genius, for there is none other like you; nor will there ever be. You touched everyone all over the world with your electrifying presence! My heart and prayers go out to his family; especially his beautiful children. Stay strong little ones. You now have an Angel forever watching over you.

Rest in Peace Dear Michael. You and your music will forever be a part of us.
~ Yigaquu osaniyu adanvto adadoligi nigohilvi nasquv utloyasdi nihi ~


Spread Your Wings

Fly Butterfly, Fly

We are, as I like to think of us all, as the Creators garden. We are His flowers and He is here to nurture us. Have you ever actually sat and watched a field of flowers? They do dance! Watch them sometimes and imagine it if you can, that you are that field of flowers. There is beauty in the way they move with the sun shining down on them and the gentle breeze that makes them sway to the trilogy of birdsong. It's very graceful!

What I write is given in the hope that someone can find another path to walk. What happens most of the time is that we have stayed in a rut for so long that we don't feel secure enough to get out of it and approach another avenue. We're scared witless! We have had that security blanket for years and how dare someone try and take it away! It is after all what we have relied on, but it's time to throw it away and buy a new one. It's time to walk towards another path My Sisters! What I write also helps me continue to heal and grow, to Blossom, and give me other options to walk through LIFE! Giving me options, and I truly hope for you too, to consider instead of traveling down that bumpy road called "Pain." The growing doesn't stop for any of us, no matter how old we get. Which is a good thing! We have an opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

As for setting off triggers, it can be anything, or everything, that pulls it. But what we have, and need to learn to do is ease our finger off slowly so as not to have it blow up in our face. It Ain't Easy! Trial and error, it's a part of life. It is how we grow, it's how we continue to learn. Someone once told me that life was a test and that we dang well better pay attention, because the exam is hellish! No truer words were ever spoken! Life is to continually learn. We either give up and throw the books away or kick ass! I'd much rather do the latter! You'll get there! Believe IT!


Self-Image is about Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem!

You want to exhibit a high self regard, which doesn't mean being conceited or stuck-up. It means respecting and liking oneself. A person's self-image is revealed in the way you dress and carry yourself. The more positive you portray your Self-Image, the more aware a person is of her personal appearance and the image that it creates in others.

Self-Image can be somewhat mecurial and is often self-perpetuating. Personal or professional successes can make you feel like you're on top of the world, which in turn will often result in more success. On the other hand, there's the opposite effect. You can have a bad relationship, and look at the world with a defeated attitude, and that result will more than likely portray a low self-image.

Ultimately, the better you feel about yourself, the better others will regard you as well.

You want someone to make you feel like a woman who is appreciated, spiritually supported, respected, and most importantly; Loved! You want to feel that the person in your life was destined to be there. Once you start to pay attention to what is important to be compatible with the partner you seek over the long-term, the background and values, along with the likes and dislikes, begin to resolve themselves. Look for someone who's looking for YOU! Compatibility is what you want, the other stuff is like icing on a Cake!

Another thing, broaden your horizons! Most of the time we limit ourselves to only one camp, per se; instead of looking in other areas. We don't notice who might be in the other camp. Be eclectic, versatile, and do broaden those Horizons. Love can be found in many places.
Sometimes even in your backyard!

"You ARE Enough"

Most of us have the feeling that we are here to accomplish something big in our lives, and if we haven't done something that fits the bill we may feel as if we are waiting. We may feel incomplete, or empty, as if our lives don't yet make sense to us, because they don't line up with our idea of major accomplishment. In some cases, this may be because we really are meant to do something that we haven't yet done. But in most cases, we can let ourselves off the hook with the realization that just being here, being ourselves, is enough.

As we live our lives in this world, we share our energy and our spirit with the people around us in numerous ways. Our influence touches their lives and, through them, touches the lives of many more people. When we strive to live our lives to the fullest and to become our true selves, we are doing something big on an inner level, and that is more than enough to make sense of our being here on this planet at this time. There is no need to hold ourselves to an old idea in the back of our minds that we need to make headlines or single-handedly save the world in order to validate our existence.

We can each look within our hearts to discover what is true for us, what gives our lives meaning, and what excites us. We can release ourselves from any pressure to perform that comes from outside of our inner sense of purpose. Staying in tune with our own values and living our lives in tune with our own vision is all we need in order to fulfill our time here. Our lives are a process of becoming so that we cannot help but cocreate; being who we are, responding to each moment as it comes, we can trust that this is enough.



"The Rain" © Thomas Kinkade
This is a Thomas Kinkade painting. It's rumored to carry a miracle!
The water is supposed to be running, so, if it's not moving, then the
picture didn't come through entirely.
They say if you pass this on, you will receive a miracle.

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